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We provide private instruction to help students reach their full academic potential. Our one-on-one tutoring, weekly tutorials and highly acclaimed review sessions have helped thousands of students improve their grades.


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Making learning simpler, more personalized, and more collaborative.

We recognize that education has seen limited advancements in the past century. At our core, we are committed to transforming this landscape.
Our vision is to empower every learner to unleash their full potential by making learning simpler, more personalized, and highly collaborative.
With the integration of cutting-edge technology and the expertise of our team, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way education is experienced.
Join us on this journey towards a future where education knows no bounds.

Our team

Creative minds

Masoud  Habibidavijani
CEO and Founder

Masoud Habibidavijani

Dr. Hossein  Piri
Academic Consultant

Dr. Hossein Piri

Dr. Sumit  Goswami
Physics professor

Dr. Sumit Goswami


Megan  Polstra
Creative Writing English Professor

Megan Polstra