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My experience with Masoud was excellent. He is the reason I managed to pass, not to mention with a good grade, my mathematical methods course. He knew the material incredibly well and managed to explain the methods and concepts I was struggling with clearly. If need a tutor for higher level STEM courses in university, he is tutor you are looking for.


Hossein shows lot of passion towards the students and makes sure that everyone is well-versed of the content. He is very responsive and ensures that there are ample office hours every week. Moreover he is always available outside class and will contribute towards getting a better grade.


I took two courses at master your courses so far. The instructors show they genuinely care for their students, are committed to helping them learn and put aside a lot of office hours availability to ensure they could accommodate everyone. Easy to follow material and pick up on key concepts, even the more difficult ones. Highly recommend.

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